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NFL Week 6 Top Performers



In week 6 the trend of injured players continued to grow. Now, even the backups of the startups are getting banged up which is not good news for anyone whether fantasy football or actual NFL. Players who got injured were Dak Prescott, Baker Mayfield, Trey Lance, Kareem Hunt, Alex Collins, Dawson Knox, and David Njoku. Although, most of the players will suit up for their next matchup still that is a big list. You add these with bye weeks and the actual number of players gets a lot slimmer. In week 7 Buffalo Bills, Cowboys, Jaguars, Vikings, Steelers, and Chargers are on bye so to make most of the available choices we have compiled this guide which is going to help you make the best decision based on your circumstances but before we are going to review the best performances in week 6.

CeeDee Lamb and Derrick Henry had a monster week. They both scored above 35 fantasy points in PPR format. In week 6 no QB was good enough to get past 30 points. Josh Allen was top of the leaderboard in quarterback rankings with 29.72 points. Kyler Murray, Patrick Mahomes, and Jalen Hurts were also very good. Matthew Stafford has had a very good week as we discussed in the previous review he would. Tua Tagovailoa came back from injury and threw well. Tua was up against the Jaguars’ defense and made some clutch throws. We don’t know how well he will be playing the rest of the season however one thing is certain that in case of a bad season, Tua will be replaced by the next season so Tua will be playing to save his job. Tua is available on most of the waivers as a free agent however, you should only get him if you are in a deep league or if you have a specific league setting like playing 2QBs.


Rank      Name                                    Team                     Points

1.            Josh Allen                            BUF                        29.72    

2.            Kirk Cousins                        MIN                       28.52    

3.            Dak Prescott                      DAL                         27.80    

4.            Matthew Stafford            LAR                         26.24    

5.            Jalen Hurts                          PHI                        26.00    

6.            Kyler Murray                      ARI                         25.76    

7.            Patrick Mahomes II         KC                            24.98    

8.            Joe Burrow                         CIN                         23.84    

9.            Aaron Rodgers                  GB                           23.70    

10.          Tua Tagovailoa                  MIA                       22.36    

Key Takeaways

Kirk Cousins was a good surprise getting 28.52 fantasy points in week 6. Cousins threw for 373 yards with 3 TDs. Cousins also helped Adam Thielen get almost 30 fantasy points. Joe Burrow, Matthew Stafford, and Tua Tagovailoa also performed really well. However, Tom Brady and Justin Herbert (both were in the top 3 in week 5) failed to make the list. Still, both of these QBs have great value in the coming weeks especially since the bye weeks are going to hit hard. Lamar Jackson who had back-to-back monstrous weeks failed to get into the top 10. Josh Allen once again did very well and was number 1 overall in best-performed quarterbacks.    


Rank      Name                                    Team                     Points

1.            Derrick Henry                    TEN                      35.6       

2.            Leonard Fournette          TB                         30.7       

3.            Jonathan Taylor                IND                       28.8       

4.            Joe Mixon                           CIN                       26.3       

5.            Najee Harris                       PIT                        24.7       

6.            Darrell Henderson Jr.     LAR                      24.5       

7.            Darrel Williams                  KC                         23.9       

8.            Dalvin Cook                        MIN                      22.3       

9.            Kenyan Drake                    LV                           21.3       

10.          Aaron Jones                       GB                          21.0       

Takeaways After Week 6

Derrick Henry once again claimed the number 1 overall spot. Henry now has back-to-back games with at least 3 touchdowns. Moreover, Henry is number 1 overall in PPR format including all the quarterbacks. It’s quite amazing that Derrick Henry, Alvin Kamara, and Christian McCaffrey were drafted at the first 3 spots and yet all three are playing and scoring differently. Kamara is average at best; McCaffrey is nowhere to be seen and Henry is overblowing everything in his way. Apart from Henry Jonathan Taylor, Najee Harris and Aaron Jones continued to perform better. They should be considered reliable running backs heading into the middle of the season. Another reliable running back Darrell Henderson is also making his spot in the mix. Darrel Williams and Leonard Fournette also did well. Fournette is now RB1 in Tampa Bay and should be good enough to start every week without worrying about in-house competition and split carries with Ronald Jones.


Rank      Name                                                    Team                     Points

1.            CeeDee Lamb                                    DAL                        36.1       

2.            Cooper Kupp                                      LAR                        34.0       

3.            Adam Thielen                                    MIN                       29.8       

4.            Jaylen Waddle                                   MIA                       29.0       

5.            Donovan Peoples-Jones                 CLE                         26.1       

6.            Antonio Brown                                  TB                           24.3       

7.            Stefon Diggs                                       BUF                        23.9       

8.            Courtland Sutton                             DEN                       23. 4       

9.            Marvin Jones Jr.                                JAC                         23.0       

10.          Tyreek Hill                                           KC                         22.6                       


The wide receivers continue to be varied especially in the top positions. Every week there are a whole new bunch of wide receivers. This week CeeDee Lamb scored the most points in all categories followed by Cooper Kupp who is back in the mix after being absent in week 5. New players were Donovan Peoples-Jones of Cleveland Browns, Jaylen Waddle of the Dolphins, and Marvin Jones Jr. of the Jaguars. Stefon Diggs, who has been having a lukewarm season so far also managed to climb in the top 10.  


Rank      Name                                    Team                     Points

1.            Noah Fant                           DEN                       24.7       

2.            Mike Gesicki                       MIA                       19.5       

3.            Travis Kelce                        KC                           17.9       

4.            Mark Andrews                  BAL                        17.8       

5.            O.J. Howard                        TB                           16.9       

6.            Ricky Seals-Jones             WAS                      15.8       

7.            T.J. Hockenson                  DET                        15.4       

8.            Zach Ertz                              PHI                         12.9       

9.            Dalton Schultz                   DAL                        12.8       

10.          Pat Freiermuth                 PIT                          12.8       

Takeaways After Week 6

One of the biggest and upbeat stories in tight ends is Mark Andrews who has been a consistent fantasy player week after week. Andrews’ weekly performance in terms of consistency is even better than Kelce’s. Another good and consistent tight end is Dalton Schultz who continues to put decent numbers. In week 6 O.J. Howard performed well, Zach Ertz also did well, though he has been traded to Arizona after his week 6 match. Mike Gesicki is also putting good points on the board.


Rank      Name                                    Team                     Points

1.            Matthew Wright               JAC                         16.0       

2.            Matt Prater                        ARI                         15.0       

3/4/5.    Chris Boswell                     PIT                          13.0       

3/4/5.    Tyler Bass                            BUF                        13.0       

3/4/5.    Greg Zuerlein                     DAL                        13.0

6/7.        Justin Tucker                      BAL                        12.0       

6/7.        Daniel Carlson                   LV                         12.0       

8/9.        Randy Bullock                    TEN                       11.0       

8/9.        Evan McPherson              CIN                        11.0       

10.          Dustin Hopkins                  WAS                      10.0       

10.          Jason Myers                       SEA                       10.0       

10.          Greg Joseph                       MIN                        10.0       

Key Takeaways After Week 6

One of the biggest stories in week 6 was Matthew Wright’s story who is a kicker of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Wright was signed on September 27 to Jaguars practice squad and was included in the team to replace Josh Lambo. Coming into week 6 Wright had missed only one field goal try he made and was 3 out 4 on PATs. On Sunday Wright kicked all PATs and all field goals including game-winning which earned the Jaguars their very first victory of the seasons. Heading forward, Wright is the new placekicker for the Jaguars. In other stories, Tyler Bass, Justin Tucker, Matt Prater,  and Daniel Carlson continued to be reliable posting good numbers.

6. DSTs In Week 6

Rank       Team Name                                      Points

1.            Los Angeles Rams                            16.0       

2.            Indianapolis Colts                            15.0       

3/4.        Las Vegas Raiders                              13.0       

3/4.        Dallas Cowboys                                 13.0       

5.            Arizona Cardinals                              12.0       

6.            Baltimore Ravens                              11.0       

7.            Minnesota Vikings              10.0

8.            Carolina Panthers                             9.0         

10.          Pittsburgh Steelers                           8.0         

10.          Kansas City Chiefs                            8.0         

10.          Washington Football Team           8.0         


The Los Angeles Rams were number 1 in week 6 just like we predicted in our last week’s review. The Pittsburgh Steelers, Indianapolis Colts, and Dallas Cowboys also performed well; however, Buffalo Bills failed to perform. In fact, they only scored 1 fantasy point. The reason was of course Derrick Henry. We still believe that Bill has a good DST and should be started in the coming weeks. Bills are on a bye week in week 7. Other notable performances were from the Arizona Cardinals, Ravens, and Vikings.