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NFL Week 4 Top Performers



With almost one-fourth of the regular season already gone, we are at a point where the positions in the fantasy football league are still at their initial stages. In case if you are 0-4 but you consider your team to be good and you are losing by a small margin or by an extraordinary performance by a few specific players then chances of you reaching the playoffs are still bright. Speaking of extraordinary performances Cordarrelle Patterson of the Atlanta Falcons managed to score 34.6 points with 3 touchdowns. He should be considered a starting RB without any hesitation. However, week 4 belonged to the wide receivers with 4 wide receivers scoring 30+ points and Tyreek Hill topped was the best among all NFL players. KC Chiefs speedster scored 47.6 points in PPR leagues which was the best overall performance of Hill’s career. Other WRs who scored 30+ points were Deebo Samuel of 49ers, D.J. Moore of the Panthers, and Terry McLaurin of Washington. In other positions, C.J. Uzomah of the Bengals was the best among tight ends while Travis Kelce failed to make it in the top 10.


Rank      Name                                    Team                     Points

1.            Sam Darnold                      CAR                        33.54    

2.            Patrick Mahomes             KC                           32.28    

3.            Matt Ryan                           ATL                         29.02    

4.            Jalen Hurts                          PHI                         28.18    

5.            Taylor Heinicke                 WAS                      27.90    

6.            Daniel Jones                       NYG                       27.72    

7.            Dak Prescott                       DAL                        27.02    

8.            Aaron Rodgers                   GB                          24.12    

9.            Kyler Murray                      ARI                         22.64

10.          Russel Wilson                    SEA                        22.56    

Key Takeaways

We have asked you to pick up Sam Darnold and Taylor Heinicke in last week’s review and we seriously hope you did because both Darnold and Heinicke have managed to climb up the leaderboard. Both of these QBs are making the play through their arms as well as with their legs. We expect both of these to play well, so just in case if somehow, they are still available in your fantasy league, make sure to grab them as soon as possible. Mahomes threw his season’s best 5 touchdowns and other than Darnold was the only QB to score 30+ points. Jalen Hurts, Daniel Jones continues to be above average QBs. Both are dual threat playmakers and they are viable fantasy options if you are looking for one in the bye week or in case, you’re starting QB has gotten injured.


Rank      Name                                    Team                     Points

1.            Cordarrelle Patterson     ATL                         34.6

2.            Saquon Barkley                 NYG                       29.6

3.            Austin Ekeler                      LAC                        29.5

4.            Derrick Henry                    TEN                        25.7

5.            David Montgomery         CHI                         22.6

6.            Najee Harris                       PIT                          21.1

7.            Kenneth Gainwell            PHI                         20.9

8.            James Robinson                JAC                         20.6

9.            James Conner                    ARI                         20.6

10.          Jonathan Taylor                IND                        20.4

Takeaways After Week 4

As we have discussed above Cordarrelle Patterson was terrific in week 4. Saquon Barkley also managed to climb up the leaderboard. Henry, Robinson, Harris, and Montgomery performed well and apart from Montgomery -having just been placed on injured reserve- all others are the steadiest-looking running backs. A piece of very good news for Jonathan Taylor’s owners was that he ran well and managed to score 20+ points. Hopefully, he will continue to play well. Other big stories were the performances by Kenneth Gainwell and James Conner. 


Rank      Name                                    Team                     Points

1.            Tyreek Hill                           KC                           47.6       

2.            Deebo Samuel                   SF                           35.7       

3.            D.J. Moore                          CAR                        31.9       

4.            Terry McLaurin                  WAS                      30.3       

5.            Diontae Johnson              PIT                          24.2       

6.            Randall Cobb                     GB                          23.9       

7.            Corey Davis                         NYJ                         21.1       

8.            Van Jefferson                    LAR                        21.0       

9.            Tyler Boyd                           CIN                         20.8       

10.          Justin Jefferson                MIN                       20.4       


There were a lot of amazing performances in week 4 and almost all of them were new. Apart from Justin Jefferson, no one from last week’s top 10 managed to be in the top 10 this week. Randall Cobb is a new entrant from the Packers and is available in over 70% of the leagues. Grab him if you have spare space on your bench. He shouldn’t be started in standard 10 to 12 team’s league. Corey Davis was back on the table after week 1, so was Van Jefferson. Another name that keeps on coming back with consistent performances is D.J. Moore who has developed an amazing connection with Sam Darnold. Moore is easily top 10 wide receivers at this point and should be started in all formats of fantasy football.   


Rank      Name                                    Team                     Points

1.            C.J. Uzomah                       CIN                         26.5

2.            Dawson Knox                     BUF                        20.7

3.            Mo Alie-Cox                       IND                        19.2

4.            Jared Cook                          LAC                        19.0

5.            Dalton Schultz                   DAL                        17.8

6.            Maxx Williams                   ARI                         17.6

7.            Mike Gesicki                       MIA                       16.7

8/9.        Dallas Goedert                  PHI                         16.6

8/9.        Noah Fant                           DEN                       16.6

10.          Darren Waller                    LV                           15.0

Important Takeaways After Week 4

C.J. Uzomah was dominant in the game against the Jaguars’ defense. He was the most targeted and caught most passes from quarterback Joe Burrow. Dalton Schultz once again performed great. He raked up 17.8 points. Going forward at this point, Schultz should be ranked in the top 5 tight ends and after Kelce, Waller, Kittle Schultz would remain the next best tight end. Speaking of Kittle, he has just been placed on injured reserve. Therefore, you need to make sure to pick up a tight end from the waiver wire who has been consistently putting up a good number especially for the last couple of weeks. Another tight end of Buffalo Bills, Dawson Knox has also been getting a lot of attention from Josh Allen and given the terrific form Allen is in, Knox should be able to keep getting targets. Other noteworthy performances in week 4 were from Maxx Williams, Mike Gesicki, and Mo Alie-Cox.  


Rank      Name                                    Team                     Points

1.            Tyler Bass                            BUF                        16.0

2/3.        Ryan Succop                       TB                           15.0

2/3.        Matt Prater                        ARI                         15.0

4.            Justin Tucker                      BAL                        13.0

5.            Randy Bullock                    TEN                        12.0

6.            Jake Elliott                           PHI                         11.0

7              Rodrigo Blankenship       IND                        10.0

8              Matt Ammendola            NYJ                         9.0

8              Matt Gay                             LAR                        9.0

8              Mason Crosby                   GB                          9.0

8              Chase McLaughlin            CLE                         9.0

Key Takeaways After Week 4

It was Buffalo teams’ complete control in 4th week as they offensively and defensively rolled over Houston Texans. Tyler Bass got the most of it as well and scored 16 points. Bass made 4 field goals as well as 4 PATs. Other note-able kickers are Matt Gay, Matt Prater, and Justin Tucker who have been very consistent this year. You should make sure to pick the placekicker against an easy defense where the team can at least go into field goal range and in the end, it’s all about getting some points. We are looking for at least 10 points from the kicker.


Rank       Team Name                      Points

1.            Buffalo Bills                         23.0

2.            Baltimore Ravens             11.0

3.            Chicago Bears                    10

4.            TB Buccaneers                   9.0

5/6/7.    Dallas Cowboys                8.0

5/6/7.    Cleveland Browns            8.0

5/6/7.    Indianapolis Colts             8.0

8/9/10. Green Bay Packers           7.0

8/9/10. New York Jets                    7.0

8/9/10. Los Angeles Chargers     7.0         


The Buffalo Bills had a shut-out game against the Texans which helped them get on top of the leaderboard in week 4. The Buccaneers did well even if they lost the game. Overall, it wasn’t a great week for the teams’ defenses as there are lots of high-scoring games in week 4. Tennessee Titan’s defense against the NY Jets failed miserably as Zach Wilson made some amazing throws.

The Arizona Cardinals have been somewhat consistent in addition to posting the huge number. Maybe because their offense is very good and when the opposing team catches up to their score they end up making mistakes, giving sacks, and throwing interceptions which helps the Arizona defense. Unless Arizona is playing against Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes you should start them.

This ranking is based on the teams’ matchups and their past performances.