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Fantasy Football Playoff Help (1 of 3)



Fantasy Playoff Are Here

Fantasy Football Playoffs Helper – Part 1 of 3


So, now that you’re nearing the end of your fantasy football season, you might be asking yourself, what do I do now? You probably have a good idea as to whether you’re a lock to make your league’s playoffs or you are ready to throw in the towel, and start thinking about next season.

But, if you are still fighting for a postseason berth, even though the fantasy postseason is upon you, it would definitely behoove you to start thinking about a potential postseason push – or a deep postseason run.

How do you go about doing so? Here are three recommendations:


1. Identify Trade Targets

In fantasy football leagues that have trade deadlines, it is probably coming up soon. If you’re someone hoping for a postseason spot or championship run, you need to think like a “buyer,” and start scouring teams who look like they’re going to miss the playoffs for potential trade targets.

There are going to be teams who invested in players who haven’t panned out to date, but have the potential to finish the season strong. If you have the ability to trade future-facing assets for players who can help you immediately, you need to push your proverbial chips into the middle of the table and go “all in.”