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What We Learned From Week 5 of NFL 



NFL Week 5 Recap

What We Learned From Week 5 of NFL 

It’s hard to make any real assertions about the goings-on in the NFL with less than one-third of the season officially being over.

However, with a bit more information available to us, especially as teams start to come together after the first few weeks of the season, a few things are starting to become clear:


We Were Premature About The Demise Of New England (Again)

It’s like the NFL’s version of Groundhog’s Day: The New England Patriots suffer an ugly loss early in the season, we all start discussing whether the Patriots’ dynasty is over, and then they pick up right where they left off, in terms of crushing whatever opponents stand in their way.

After their 1-2 start to the season, New England has won their last two games by a combined score of 76 to 31. Tom Brady has over 600 yards passing and six touchdown passes in those two games. Rookie running back Sony Michel has more than 200 yards rushing in that span, and do-it-all running back James White has three touchdowns in two games.

You’d think we’d learn by now: never count out the Patriots this early in the season. As long as this team has Brady and Bill Belichick, they’re going to be fine.


DeAndre Hopkins Might Be The Best Wide Receiver In The NFL This Year

The truly transcendent players have the ability to put their respective teams on their backs, and almost single-handedly will their team to victory. That’s what we saw from wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins last Sunday evening, against the Dallas Cowboys. His 49-yard catch and run, which featured two spin moves that broke about four tackles, put Houston in position to kick the game-winning field goal in overtime.

Through the first five weeks of the season, Hopkins leads the NFL in receiving yards, averaging over 118 yards per game. Last Sunday was his third game with more than 100 yards receiving, and second-straight game with more than 150 yards receiving.


New Orleans Still Has One Of The Very Best Offenses In The NFL

How do you stop an offense that finds new ways to beat their opponents? That’s what teams are going to have to figure out when they play the New Orleans Saints this season.

The Saints absolutely humiliated the Washington Redskins this past Monday evening, running up 43 points while moving the football up and down the Redskins defense in so many different ways.

We already know that Drew Brees is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. We’re seeing Alvin Kamara emerge as one of the best dual-threats running backs in the NFL, and Michael Thomas become a truly elite wide receiver. But on Monday evening, we saw Mark Ingram – returning from his early-season suspension – look healthy and spry when running the football, and Brees completing eight passes for over 180 yards combined to wide receivers Cameron Meredith and Tre’Quan Smith.


If this keeps up, they’re going to be a nightmare for opposing teams to deal with.



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