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Give Patrick Mahomes His MVP Award



Patrick Mahomes MVP

Patrick Mahomes Is Off To A Monstrous Start In 2018

We’ve previously seen NFL teams come out of the gate fast, and jump out to a hot start before. We’ve seen plenty of offenses put up large number of points in their first few games of the regular season. We’ve also seen quarterbacks start out the season setting opposing defenses ablaze.


But it is a statement of fact to say that we haven’t seen what Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs are accomplishing in a long time, and we’ve never seen some of things that Mahomes has accomplished during the first two games of the season.


When it comes to Mahomes’ performance over the first two regular season games of 2018, where do you start in terms of the superlatives to describe his performance?


Mahomes’ 10 touchdown passes not only lead the NFL at the moment, but he’s the youngest player in the history of the NFL to throw 10 touchdown passes in his first two games of the regular season (he turned 23 years old the day after the Chiefs beat the Pittsburgh Steelers). In fact, no other quarterback in NFL history has thrown that many touchdowns in his first two games.


Against Pittsburgh, Mahomes threw a whopping six touchdown passes, which not only tied for the most touchdown passes in one game in franchise history (Len Dawson was the last Kansas City player to do so way back in 1964), but the most touchdown passes the Pittsburgh Steelers have allowed in the better part of three decades.


Further, it’s not like Mahomes has been the beneficiary of all long catch-and-run touchdowns, like Tyreek Hill had in week one against the Los Angeles Chargers. Mahomes not only has the highest yards per attempt among all quarterbacks in the NFL (10.58 ypa), but he also has the furthest average yards per target in the league to boot.


And perhaps most important of all, especially considering he’s so young: Mahomes is one of only two quarterbacks in the top 10 in passing yards in the NFL entering Thursday evening to have yet to throw an interception this season.


It’s no surprise, then, that Kansas City’s top skill position guys are all off to a fast start. Hill already has seven catches of more than 20 yards through two games; by comparison, Pro Bowl tight end Zach Ertz had seven catches of more than 20 yards over the course of a full season. Wide receiver Sammy Watkins had 100 yards receiving against Pittsburgh this past Sunday; he had only one game with 100+ receiving yards all seas while playing with the Los Angeles Rams last year. With two touchdown receptions this past Sunday, tight end Travis Kelce has more touchdown catches than Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots.


While it’s unreasonable to think that Mahomes could keep up the pace that he’s on (he would finish with 80 touchdown passes this season if he did), there simply isn’t a hotter or more dangerous quarterback in the NFL right now.


And the scary thing for opposing teams, especially those in the AFC West?


He’s still only scratched the surface of his immense potential.