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Week 9, Last Place How To Save Your Fantasy Team



How To Save Your Fantasy Football Team


Week 9, Last Place How To Save Your Fantasy Team


Many avid fantasy football General Managers (GM’s) spend the entire offseason preparing for their fantasy draft, and even walk out of said draft feeling great about their team, only to have the season start with enormous disappointment for them.

If you have a team that’s wildly underperforming for you, we have a few tips on how you can not only salvage your season, but maybe even make an unthinkable run to the playoffs:

Stop Holding On To Sunk Costs: One of the first things you’re taught in business classes is about “sunk costs.” Without trying to give you an MBA-level class, the key takeaway with sunk costs is that just because you made a large investment in an asset doesn’t mean you should keep trying to justify that asset, solely because of your large or expensive investment. Translated in fantasy football terms: if you devoted an early-round draft pick to someone like LeSean McCoy or Derrick Henry, stop hoarding them on your roster just because of the fact that they were a second or third round pick. Your draft picks are gone, and those “assets” you’re holding are doing you no good. You look more foolish by holding on to those worthless players than you would if you cut them and used those roster spots on players who can contribute literally anything on a weekly basis (which is more than you can say about guys like McCoy and Henry).

Play One Week At A Time – To that end, if your draft resulted in some really bad decisions in hindsight, it’s time to stop looking at your team as a product of an unsuccessful draft, and perhaps start treating it like a Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) team of sorts: putting together new lineups every week, based on who what is available, and what the matchups that weekend look like. Since you obviously don’t have access to every single player in the NFL (like you would on a DFS lineup), you might need to do some serious “dumpster diving” on the waiver wire each week, looking for the players who might’ve been waived too prematurely, or guys who could get extra playing time because of injury. If there’s a chance those guys can contribute even for just one week, they’re worth the pickup (and subsequent release).

Focus On The Playoffs – This might sound rather obvious, but hear us out.  Instead of trying to go from being the Oakland Raiders to the Los Angeles Rams of your league, your goal should be trying to get just enough wins to qualify for the postseason. As any veteran fantasy football player will tell you, weird things can happen in the fantasy postseason, just like they do in the real playoffs. You can’t emerge as the champion of the big dance if you don’t make it to the big dance, so your job is to focus on simply getting a ticket in. In most leagues, that’ll require you to get to six or seven wins, assuming a 13-week regular season. Take a look at the schedule ahead of you, and see which opponents you’re playing. If you’ve got a particularly brutal matchup (against a really good opponent) coming up, you might want to start making moves from now to best prepare your team/lineup for that week.

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