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My Draft Is Over Now What?

The draft has come and gone and you’ve talked all the smack you possibly can before week one. So now what? A lot goes into managing your fantasy football squad so that you can be more successful than all the other players you want bragging rights over.



The draft has come and gone and you’ve talked all the smack you possibly can before week one. So now what? A lot goes into managing your fantasy football squad so that you can be more successful than all the other players you want bragging rights over.

The draft was the most important part and hopefully you were able to get a great team, but sometimes that’s not always the case. You had a down night, made a few rushed picks, lost WiFi mid-draft, or plain and simple, you just didn’t know that much going in. No matter what the case is, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great fantasy team.

When it comes to getting prepared for week one, or any week in that case, you must have a few tasks that you should always be looking at. This is a way to give your team the most competitive lineup that can exist. Here are a few steps you should always go through before that Thursday night game comes around and takes you by surprise.

  1. Check the Waiver Wire: This is the best way to upgrade your roster week after week. Injuries are going to happen and some of your star players are going to have some down years. This means that at the beginning of each week, you should be checking the waiver wire and seeing where you can upgrade at a position. For example, say your starting tight end is Jared Cook of the New Orleans Saints. In three straight games, Cook has 7 points or less and is underperforming. You may want to check the waiver wire. You are not going to always find absolute stars, but there will be plenty of gems. This means a backup TE who gets lots of looks or a younger player who is trying to prove himself. There is always a player out there that can compete for a spot in your lineup.
  2. Make a Trade: If the waiver wire is no good, look to make a trade. When it comes to trading in your league, value means everything. With almost every team, there is usually a hole to fill. If you want to upgrade your running backs and have a few overperforming wide receivers on your bench, take a look at a team in your league who needs wide receiver help. They will be more likely to part with a running back they aren’t always using if they can immediately upgrade at the receiver position. The important thing to remember is that you want to add more value that you’re giving as it relates to your specific lineup. In every move you make, adding points to your starting lineup is the most important goal every single time.
  3. Check the Bye Weeks: This can really make or break a week for you. Every experienced fantasy football player knows that bye weeks can completely take you out of a week. If your QB, RB1 and WR1 and WR2 all have a bye week in week 7, make sure you plan ahead. If you know that your team is going to be short players, make sure you are checking the waiver wire or making a trade. You should be aware of how many slots you’ll need to fill every single week. Bye weeks can hurt a team but you can plan ahead.
  4. Know the Rules: Every fantasy league has different rules. There are Standard PPR leagues, half PPR leagues and No PPR leagues. This makes how you set your lineup much different on a week-by-week basis. Roster sizes and the positions that are allowed on your team can also differ a lot. So if you are playing in more than one league, you’ll want to make sure that you know what the rules are for each and every one that you play in. Don’t be the guy that didn’t start two tight ends because that’s a rule for some off reason.

Making Research a Priority

Regardless of how talented and explosive your fantasy squad is, if you don’t put in the time to research and study how your lineup will compare against your opponents, you aren’t going to get very far in your league. When it comes to making the best of the waiver wire or taking advantage of a trade situation, it’s dire that you are watching games, reading as much as you can or watching analysts break down the film.

There are a hundred great sites and resources to make you a better fantasy player and its important that you are taking advantage of them.

You’ve got to talk smack

I guess this is more of an optional step but why even play fantasy football if you aren’t destroying your opponent in the chat room and talking up your matchup.

Picking the best team name

A good team name may not be more important than your fantasy roster, but it’s no fun when “ TEAM LAST NAME” wins the league. The better the team name, the more fun the league becomes and at the end of the day, that’s the most important part. My favorite names are typically puns off of the best players on your team. Here are my favorite fantasy football team names for 2020. 

  1. Godwin Almighty
  2. Baby Got Dak
  3. Zeke and Destroy
  4. I gotta Thielen
  5. Fresh Prince of Helaire
  6. Hot Chubb Time Machine
  7. Make it Hurts
  8. Judge Jeudy
  9. Country Road, Take Mahomes
  10. Can you Diggs It?
  11. Highway to Bell
  12. Stairway to Evans
  13. Hot Lockett
  14. Dude, where’s my Carr
  15. 1.21 GigaWATT

With these steps followed on a week to week basis, we think that at the very least, you will be competing at the highest level in your league. While the most important thing in any fantasy football league is to have a good time, winning a pot of money or a big trophy makes it all worth the while. And while fantasy punishments only get more embarrassing year by year, you’ve got to make sure you stay away from the bottom of the charts!