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Fantasy Football

How to Win Your Fantasy League



2021 Season

In this article, we will discuss the tips, strategies, and tactics which are going to help you win your fantasy football league. Winning the NFL fantasy season depends on lots of factors including the game-time decisions, player’s form, opposing team defenses, and performance on the game day itself. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that you are going to win your fantasy league, however, if you follow this article to the core, you are going to have one of the best possible teams and the top 3 overall performances in your fantasy football league. We have drafted this article/guide keeping PPR in mind however, half PPR and standard-scoring leagues have also been covered. You are requested to read this completely to completely understand the key points given below.


i.             Remember Your Draft Time And Date

This seems like a no-brainer and yet every year thousands of people forget to be on time on the draft day making it perhaps one of the most important details for drafting your team. You can’t expect to do better in your fantasy league if you haven’t even drafted your team. You are requested to make sure to remember the exact time and date when your league is being drafted and also make sure to join the league’s draft room ahead of time.

ii.            Avoid Drafting Quarterback Too Soon

This is another great drafting tip. Make sure to avoid drafting QBs in the first 2 or 3 rounds. There is no doubt that a QB is the most important option in the NFL which also makes it a highly important position in fantasy football.  However, from fantasy football’s perspective, right now, there are way too many options at the QB position. There are 3 tiers at the QB position and in a 10 or 12 teams league it’s a guarantee that you’ll end up with at least a 2nd tier QB even if you draft a QB in the last round. So, even though having high scoring quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen or Kyler Murray may get you more points for the QB position, you may be better off by selecting Alvin Kamara, Ezekiel Elliott, or any other elite running back as your higher draft pick and selecting someone like Lamar Jackson, Russel Wilson or Aaron Rodgers as your starting QB.

iii.           Make Sure To Draft An Elite Running Back Or Elite Wide Receiver

Although, the trend of drafting high-round picks may not have been beneficial in recent years. We saw Christian McCaffrey, Saquon Barkley, and Michael Thomas going down with an injury in the 2020 season. This is obviously very frustrating to lose the most important pick like that but it’s a part of the game and it’s still very beneficial based on overall research to draft an elite or primary running back or wide receiver in the first couple of rounds.    

iv.           Participate In The Mock Drafts

This is also a great strategy to prepare yourself before the actual draft. When you participate in the mock drafts, you’ll get to know about the market trends and the mindset of the other fantasy players.  Mock drafts will also let you know about the potential late-round picks. You can even try different combos to check which pick and subsequent picks can really help your fantasy team depending on what pick you end up getting.

v.            Research As Much As You Can Before Your Draft

This is the most ignored aspect of the fantasy football drafts. Fantasy football players just rely on already given rankings set up by the platform and completely ignore the research. Reading about random draft picks cannot provide the best possible results. There are lots of factors at play. Ranging from what kind of quarterback a team has, the defense, the mindset of the head coach, the strength of schedule of a particular team, and other similar factors. Researching about your draft will also help you in the long run because you will hit the waiver wire targets with much more confidence.


After the draft comes the actual season. There is no doubt that fantasy players take each and every game very seriously. Of course, the basic idea is to be consistent and reach the playoffs. Having one elite on every position (whether such player has been drafted or picked up on waiver) will get you far in your fantasy league, still, in recent years trend of streaming players based on their strength of schedule has really picked up the pace so fantasy players are having lots of success just by picking up the best possible picks and starting them every week. In order to have the best possible season make sure to follow the following tips in the regular season.

i. Set Your Line Up On Time

This is so important that you should know it by default. However, every year this happens and people forget to check their lineup one time and the result is often starting a player who is either inactive or in their bye-weeks. Since last year there is a new COVID problem and players get pulled off at the last minute so it’s a very good idea to keep monitoring the situation regularly.

ii. Keep Monitoring The Status Of Injured Players

The coaches tend to keep the status of their players secret in order to surprise the opposing teams so it can be quite hectic to know the exact status. Keeping yourself updated and checking the latest news on social media websites regarding the player’s injury will help you determine the status of the player. This will also help you make your decision better and based on actual facts. Always try to check the last-minute status of the player no matter what and make sure to read the related news as well. For example, sometimes there is a clear indication by the coach that a player is only going to play 50% of the snaps. Keeping yourself updated will certainly give you an edge in comparison with other players in your fantasy league.

                 iii. Buy Cheap Sell High

                This is of course related to trading, one of the best features of the fantasy football leagues. Just like in an actual NFL franchise, trading your players depends on a host of factors. Mainly, the idea is to have the best possible remainder of the season with the best possible team. Usually, this comes in very handy when a player goes down for a few weeks and his replacement comes in and performs extremely well. We have seen this happening last year with Mike Davis who came in to replace Christian McCaffery and performed well. However, one important thing that you also need to see is that giving up a player does not create a huge gap in that particular position. For example, if Delvin Cook is averaging 20 points a week and you end up trading him for Patrick Mahomes who is averaging 25 points per week then unless you have a wild waiver pickup at running back position there is no way you are going to cover the loss of the running back with a quarterback. So, while it’s a great idea to get the best possible trade, you also need to make sure that you are not selling the best asset in your team.

iv. Get Elite Running back’s Handcuffs

This strategy is actually already very popular in dynasty leagues but it has also been gaining momentum in recent years. You need to get the handcuffs of the elite running backs whether that running back is playing in your fantasy league or anyone else’s team. A replacement of a starting and elite running back is called a handcuff. This year Kareem Hunt is a good example of a handcuff who will be backing up Nick Chubb.  Running backs are the most benefactors of the backups. It is due to the fact that the usual entire running offense of any team is usually built around the elite running back and while the elite running back may go down due to some injury the basic plan that has been built around the elite running back stays the same.  Apart from Kareem Hunt, other prominent handcuffs this year will be Chuba Hubbard for Christian McCaffrey, Tony Pollard for Ezekiel Elliot, AJ Dillon for Aaron Jones, and Tony Jones Jr for Alvin Kamara.  Make sure to do your own research and find players that will be starting in case the starter RB goes down.

v. Stream Defenses and Kickers

Streaming the team D/STs and kickers every week is a very good strategy. Of course, there are some exceptions. Everywhere there are few D/ST’s and kickers that play exceptionally well and based on their situations they are hard to drop. However, most of the time picking up kickers and D/STs will benefit you the most. Last year D/STs scored most against the Jet’s offense so picking up the D/ST who was playing against the NY Jets turned out to be the best scoring strategy.

vi. Always Plan 3 to 4 Weeks Ahead

By planning you’ll always have a great complete team every week. In case if you are having a good or even average season and you know that you may end up in the playoffs then you can pick up the players based on strength of schedule in your league’s last weeks and even playoffs weeks. This is a must if you are playing in a highly competitive league because there is a high chance the other opponents in your league are thinking the same. Knowing what is coming in the next 3 to 4 weeks will allow you to understand which of your bench players can be prominent starters in the coming weeks.

vii. Keep Checking The Weather Reports

In a tough competition, everything matters, and weather conditions can impact the weekly performance of players. This especially is true when you have two potential starters and you don’t know which to choose from. Usually in conditions like heavy rains and blizzards offense (including kickers) often struggle and D/STs play well. Therefore, if your starting player is going to play in weather that has been predicted to have blizzard conditions then think twice before starting that player.

In conclusion, just remember that you may end up losing a close contest despite having a great team. It happens, there is always that player who scores or throws 4 touchdowns changing the whole scenario of the game. So, just have fun while playing fantasy football, keep browsing Fasho Network for the new and updated information on the fantasy sports world.