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Hidden Gems For The Rest Of The 2018 NFL Season



week 9 Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems For The Rest Of The 2018 NFL Season

With the booming popularity of fantasy football, and the constant demand for information among those participate, the truth is that we all tend to know about 80% to 90% of the same information as our competitors. Generally speaking, we’ve already come to some conclusion as to which players “are good” (in terms of statistical production and/or fantasy football success), and which players “aren’t good.”

But there’s also an in-between area on that spectrum, constituting the guys who might not be successful at the moment but have a strong probability of future success, or the guys whom we might’ve written off as “not successful” but could still contribute to your fantasy team in the right circumstances.

We’ve identified three of those guys, whom we’re calling “Hidden Gems.” Here they are:

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Quarterback, Tampa Bay – We all know that Ryan Fitzpatrick started out the season red-hot, followed by going ice cold, on the way to getting benched. And while we know he might not be reliable enough to be a true “QB1” for your fantasy football team, there are going to be weeks where Fitzpatrick pops off for 400+ yards and four touchdowns (like he did in the first week two weeks of this season) and there will be weeks where he throws a whole bunch of interceptions in one game. If you can manage those ups and downs, and maybe find the matchups where “the good Fitzpatrick” is more likely to show up, he could be an excellent spot starter in case you need a bye week quarterback or injury replacement.

Duke Johnson, Running Back, Cleveland Browns – Despite being a consistent playmaker during his tenure with the Cleveland Browns, running back Duke Johnson was almost criminally neglected by the hapless coaching staff of the Browns this year. But now that the organization has (mercifully) relieved Hue Jackson and Todd Haley of their duties, there’s a good chance that the new guys — starting with new offensive coordinator Freddie Kitchens — realizes the value Johnson can bring, in terms of catching passes out of the backfield (he’s caught at least 51 passes in each of the last three years) and as a change-of-pace runner. If a frustrated fantasy General Manager has cut Johnson, go out and grab him, because he could be a solid depth piece or flex player moving forward.

Courtland Sutton, Wide Receiver, Denver Broncos — As a high-upside second-round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, Courtland Sutton wasn’t really all that “hidden,” per se. However, he was buried behind wide receiver Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders on the Denver Broncos’ depth chart. But, we all know that Thomas was traded this week to the Houston Texans, which should open the door up for Sutton. The beauty of Sutton getting more opportunities is that he’s a big-bodied receiver like Thomas, and he’s already gotten some time on the field with quarterback Case Keenum (he’s third on the team in receiving yards), so there might not be much of a transition period needed for him to get stats like a true WR2.


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