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Fantasy Football

Week 2 of the NFL brought some amazing and big surprises. Derek Carr has proven that he is a reliable fantasy option. Rob Gronkowski is at the top of the TE fantasy football leaderboard. Kyler Murray continued to be a dominant factor but the biggest performances which single-handedly destroyed the opposing teams came from Derrick (the King) Henry and Aaron Jones. Henry exploded for 182 yards on 35 carries scoring 3 touchdowns and additionally caught 6 passes for 55 yards. He managed to score 47.7 points in PPR format, leading every other player in fantasy football. Aaron Jones played incredibly well scoring 4 touchdowns overall including the 3 which he caught in the air. Jones scored a total of 41.7 fantasy points. Any fantasy owner who had any of these two mostly probably won their match-ups because this was an extraordinary performance.

                There were several other noteworthy performances which we are going to look at. The rankings have been based on the PPR format however, other formats (half PPR and standard) have somewhat similar rankings. These are rankings based on week 2 performances.


Rank      Name                                    Team                     Points

1.            Kyler Murray                      Arizona                 35.10                    

2.            Lamar Jackson                   Baltimore            34.26                    

3.            Tom Brady                          TB                           29.64                    

4.            Daniel Jones                       NY Giants            29.46                    

5.            Aaron Rodgers                  Green Bay           26.80                    

6.            Kirk Cousins                        Minnesota          25.26                    

7.            Patrick Mahomes             Kansas City          25.02                    

8.            Derek Carr                           Las Vegas            24.18                    

9.            Russell Wilson                   Seattle                 23.32                    

10.          Jalen Hurts                          Philadelphia       21.80    

Key Takeaways

Kyler Murray has topped the QB ranking for the second week in a row. He even scored more points than last week. Murray is also at top of the list with 70 points overall in fantasy football. Murray is going to be a dominating and threatening player in weeks to come. Lamar Jackson who only managed to score 18 points in week one played great and he ended up scoring 34+ points and earning his team a victory against the Chiefs. Lamar scored 2 TDs on the ground and went above 100 yards. Tom Brady threw 5 touchdowns scoring 29.6 points in the process. Other notable performances were by Derek Carr and Jalen Hurts both of them once again are on our list. Derek Carr is still available on waivers in many leagues and if you can grab him because he is showing incredible consistency.


Rank      Name                                    Team                     Points

1.            Derrick Henry                    TEN                        47.7       

2.            Aaron Jones                       GB                          41.5       

3.            Christian McCaffrey        CAR                        24.7       

4.            Cordarrelle Patterson     ATL                         23.9       

5.            Tony Pollard                       DAL                        23.0       

6.            Austin Ekeler                      LAC                        22.5       

7.            J.D. McKissic                       WAS                      20.3       

8.            Najee Harris                       PIT                          19.1       

9.            James White                      NE                          18.5       

10.          Ezekiel Elliott                      DAL                        17.7       

Takeaways After Week 2

Ezekiel Elliot upped his game a little bit. The Dallas running back who we weren’t expecting to perform very well turned out to be Tony Pollard. Pollard had some explosive runs in his 13 carry and 109 yards performance. He scored a TD on the ground and caught 3 passes for another 31 yards. Although Ezekiel is WR1 in Dallas, we might see Pollard more often in big plays.

Cordarrelle Patterson performed very well, so did J.D. McKissic however let’s talk about Derrick Henry’s performance. As an elite running back who was drafted in the initial few picks, Henry showed why he’s good and why it’s important for the Titans to rely on him. We expect to see Henry’s similar performances in the rest of the season. James White scored reasonably well 18.5 points. He is also available in most fantasy leagues. Though he isn’t going to be as good as Henry, McCaffrey, Kama, or Cook he can be a good flex option.


Rank      Name                                    Team                     Points

1.            Cooper Kupp                      LA Rams               36.8       

2.            Tyler Lockett                      Seattle                  31.8       

3.            Terry McLaurin                  Washington        27.7       

4.            Courtland Sutton             Denver                 24.9       

5.            Mike Evans                         Tampa Bay          24.5       

6.            Rondale Moore                 Arizona                 24.4       

7.            Marquise Brown               Baltimore            23.3       

8.            Brandin Cooks                   Houston               22.8       

9.            Henry Ruggs III                  Las Vegas            22.5       

10           Mike Williams                    LA Chargers        22.1       


The wide receiver position comes with lots of variables, that’s why we saw almost all of the new entrants in our top 10 list. Apart from Cooper Kupp (who was at number 10 position last week) and Tyler Lockett, no one from the rest of the 8 receivers was on our list. This is not welcoming news for many fantasy owners who had drafted WRs in the high draft picks. However, there is one key takeaway that tries to play the matchup. This week Jalen Ramsey of LA Rams will be covering Mike Evans so don’t expect the same performance from Mike Evans this week.

Two major names that came up after week 2 are Tyler Lockett who is surprisingly outperforming DK Metcalf and Cooper Kupp who is turning out to be the favorite target of Matthew Stafford. Both of these WRs are a must-start if you have them in your fantasy team.


Rank      Name                                    Team                                     Points

1.            Travis Kelce                        Kansas City                          23.9       

2.            T.J. Hockenson                  Detroit                                  20.6       

3.            Rob Gronkowski               Tampa Bay                          19.9       

4.            Maxx Williams                   Arizona                                 16.4       

5.            Robert Tonyan                  Green bay                           14.2       

6.            Jack Doyle                           Indianapolis                        13.4       

7.            Noah Fant                           Denver                                 13.3       

8.            Kyle Pitts                              Atlanta                                 12.3

9.            Darren Waller                    Las Vegas                            11.5

10           Foster Moreau                  Las Vegas                            11.4       


It’s great to see that Rob Gronkowski who was drafted in the very late round continues to perform at the highest level. T.J. Hockenson is another name that continues to pop up. His connection with new QB Goff continues to get better and we expect this to happen more often. Right now Hockenson is a legitimate TE1. In case if you are on the lookout for a Tight End try to get Jack Doyle or Maxx Williams. At the level at which Kyler Murray is playing, we expect Murray to keep throwing in Williams’ direction.


Rank      Name                                    Team                     Points

1              Graham Gano                    NY Giants            22.0

2              Daniel Carlson                   Las Vegas            17.0

3/4         Nick Folk                              New England      15.0

3/4         Randy Bullock                    Tennessee          15.0

5              Dustin Hopkins                  Washington        14.0

6/7         Brandon McManus          Denver                 13.0

6/7         Greg Joseph                       Minnesota          13.0

8/9         Matt Prater                        Arizona                 12.0

8/9         Rodrigo Blankenship       Indianapolis        12.0

10/11     Greg Zuerlein                     Dallas                    10.0

10/11     Tristan Vizcaino                 LA Chargers        10.0

Important Notes After Week 2

                Nick Folk of the New England and Daniel Carlson of the Las Vegas are the two value-able placekickers to have on any team. Both of them are widely available in most of the leagues. If you want to have your team for the long run you should have them. Greg Zuerlein is another kicker who has been performing well however, he isn’t widely available. Placekicker is a very tricky position because a lot of their performance depends on the scenario of the team. That’s why it’s a good idea to check the matchup then based on that pick your kicker from the waiver wire. However, we need to mention the performance of Graham Gano who put up the points which are normally put up by a running back or even a quarterback. That doesn’t happen every week but when it happens it can impact the scoring of the team.

6. DSTs

Rank      Name                                    Team                     Points

1              Buffalo Bills                                                         22.0       

2              Chicago Bears                                                    20.0       

3              Tampa Bay Buccaneers                                  19.0       

3              New England Patriots                                     19.0       

5              Carolina Panthers                                            12.0       

5              Minnesota Vikings                                           12.0       

7              Indianapolis Colts                                             11.0       

8              Denver Broncos 9.0                                          9.0

8              Jacksonville Jaguars                                         9.0

10           San Francisco 49ers                                         8.0

10           Los Angeles Rams                                            8.0


                The Arizona Cardinals were the most added DST in last week and they ended up performing exceptionally badly. They managed to get 1 point, ranking them at 31st position. The Bills, Bears, and Buccaneers all played well. However, the most consistent team after 2 weeks is the Panthers who continue to dominate the opposing offense. Panther DST needs to be added as soon as possible because we expect them to have a good season. Bears, Raiders, and 49ers are also showing long-term potential and if you have them in your league you need to stock them up for the future. The rest of the teams are highly dependent on their matchups, for example, it’s not viable to start a DSTs against Mahomes, Russel Wilson, or Tom Brady regardless of the Defense. So, make sure to continue to monitor the matchups and start accordingly, keep checking our website for the latest news stories and keep playing fantasy football. Have a great weekend.